Hey there guys, the first thing I’d check out is the wiki for brief information regarding some parts of the world of Albion which should help you in character creation. Then after that you should create your character using the template provided in the characters section for D&D 3.5.

The starting level for the campaign will be five (5) and we’ll be using the point buy system with 28 points as described here.

After you’ve created your character I encourage everyone to write at least a paragraph of background information including where you’re from, what you did for a living, any family relations, and character goals as I hope to provide additional information to different folks depending on where their characters are from, etc.

The characters will be under the employ of a man named Cynric Thorne, a somewhat shady noble from Ravenstern whose’ mining operation in northern Siluria was brought to a stand still because of a collapse, more info can be given if it’s needed for something or other.

If you have any questions post them on the forums section or email me/Harris, the wiki will be increasingly fleshed out as time passes but I’ll notify of any important major updates.

I expect us to be meeting next Friday 11th at I think 4:30 PM was the time.

Good luck!

The Crimson Throne

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