Kingdom of Gallia

Government Feudal Monarchy
Population 110,000+
Technology Intermediate (3)
Size Large (4)
Capital Sarleon
State Religion Pelor (Minor Religions: Saint Cuthbert, Heironeous, Bahamut)
Primary Culture Gallian
Races Human, Elf, Dwarf, Other


Gallia resides in the heart of Albion and covers a vast stretch of bountiful lands that rival even Kelrath's homelands in terms of size but not in population. Though Gallia has many small villages and towns its' lands are sparse when compared to Kelrath and so it has never been a military match for its' neighbor. To make up for this fault Gallia trains more horsemen than any other nation and with its' wide open fields that can stretch as far as the eye can see Gallian lands make excellent places for cavalry battles. Gallian cavalry frequently travel the lands to enforce her laws and protect the boarders, particularly the ones touching the Silurian swamps and so for the most part the past one hundred years have seen a plentiful Gallia with little famine or disease.

Gallia’s lands are divided amongst several powerful lords who swear fealty to the current King of Gallia Robert Stewart however not all the lords are always content with the ruler or their neighbors and so from time to time there are squabbles and fights within the Kingdom. The Dukes have significant lands and when such conflicts do occur there is little the King can do to prevent his vassals from their own petty wars. In the past one hundred years there have been four significant wars between the respective Dukes though in the fifteen years Robert has sat on the throne he has managed to keep everyone content and at peace. His skill in rhetoric is well recognized and has served his country well. He has managed to broker good trade relations with Ostmoor, keep good relations with their long time enemies in Kelrath and even work out a passable relation with Ravenstern that has in the recent years limited the northern raids through Saffrongate.

The only complaints in Robert’s rule is his lack of support of the military which have long been a keystone in Gallian independence and thus the military leaders of Gallia sometimes speak ill of their King. But for now at least Gallia enjoys a time of cultural and economical growth.


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