Marshes of Siluria

Government Tribal Federation
Population 36,000+
Technology Weak (1)
Size Small (2)
Capital Fenbray
State Religion Bahamut (Minor Religions: Many Others)
Primary Culture Silurian
Races Human, Halfling, Gnome, Dwarf, Elf, Other


Siluria is a neglected land that has for centuries housed the filth, scum, cripples, and rejects of the empire safely out of sight from the usual citizens, it's written in Kelrathian Law that any man who must stand trial may request exile to Siluria and forfeight all his worldly possessions to the crown save a loaf of bread, the clothes on his back, and enough coin to ensure safe passage to the swamps. Indeed it's a popular choice for many who would otherwise face hanging or the devices of Kelrath's dungeons. While inside the region they are left to their own devices provided they do not cross the boarder back into civilized lands. Only in the capital of Fenbray and the region's northern mines is any real sense of Kelrathian order found.

The region’s ruler in name is Lord Edgar Holstein whose position has earned him the nickname Jailor of The Mad. However though he is indeed the ruler of Siluria it is mostly only in name, as Edgar’s guard only actively patrol the borders and Fenbray itself, protecting the few remaining legitimate citizans from the horrors that lurk deep in the swamps.

In practicality the power of Siluria is held by various would-be ‘tribes’ brought together under the heel of powerful or charismatic rejects who have managed to bind others to their allegiance. It’s even said that some mad folk banish themselves to Siluria in the hopes of establishing their own Kingdom in the Marsh. Amongst those the most powerful is Rhaegar’s Bloodshields who imitate the stylings of the Kingdom of Ravenstern by painting their shields with the blood of their foes. They control the mines and so control the majority of the wealth in Siluria, thus Rhaegar alone is grudgingly admitted into political dealings of many of the client Kingdoms of Kelrath for contracts in his mines.

Apart from the Bloodshields there are the Mirefolk who live in the deeper parts of Siluria less travelled. Led by a halfling known only as Flinn the Mirefolk avoid dealing with most factions in Siluria when they can and keep to themselves, some even say they are transformed by the marsh and though little is known about them from time to time a story is told of men and women disappearing whilst on the old marsh roads never to turn up again. Though if this is the work of the Mirefolk or the beasts of the swamp is anyone’s guess.

There are also the Craigfolk who are lead by the wise woman Olwen who proclaims herself the witch of the marshes, and together with her fanatical followers wanders Siluria capturing any who are too weak to resist her and either converts them to her follower or else uses them for some other foul purpose. It is for the most part the Craigfolk which give cause for the scarce villages and towns in Siluria to be barricaded and garrisoned, prepared for any threats to their villages.

All three factions are united in the fact that they dispise their Jailor and to this day Edgar survives only on the might of his Kelrathian warriors that protect Fenbray and the border across into Gallia.

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